Why travel with us ?

“Join with pure Sherpa

            for pure adventure”

Pure Sherpa Adventure is one of the leading Trekking and Travel company operating by experienced Sherpa team. "Join with Pure Sherpa for Pure Adventure" As being Sherpa, we know and love the Himalayas. Our philosophy is quite simple: to follow our tradition of hospitality and welcome you.

Nepal is a country full of mountains. This country is classified into three parts, plains, hills and mountains. Similarly, we Sherpas live in the eastern Himalayan region of Nepal, where the world's highest peak, Mount Everest, is located. Because we were born and grew up in the Himalayas, we have a strong love and connection with our mountains. That's why we like to introduce, tour and climb those mountains to our foreign friends.Friends from all over the world trust us and want to see and climb the mountains with us.